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Sustainable Change is Strategic – Creating a Culture of Adaptability

Strategic Advantage

An organization that can change can remain competitive. Conversely, an organization that can’t change will become obsolete over time. That is the simplest description of change as a tool – it can keep companies competitive. An organization’s culture can be its biggest strategic advantage. To change means to become different. An organization that not only can change, but change consistently, has created a sustainable competitive advantage. The question then becomes, how does an organization create this sustainable competitive advantage?

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Change Management Models for Small Businesses | Extraordinary Business

change management

There are several recognized models for change management. Each model has its benefits and its sacrifices. Each model can, in effect, be tailored to a business and its leadership as indicated by Grant Shaw in his article 4 Change Management Models for Your Small Business. Some models have value as a communication tool to choreograph large-scale organizational change. This is useful during business process re-design/restructuring or if a company is re-branding. Others have value as an outline to structure continuous or targeted changes that happen on a much smaller scale. An example would be transforming the function of a specific department within a larger company.

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How do Entrepreneurial Businesses Harness Change? | Extraordinary Business

There is a basic principle of change management that applies to both large and small companies – some people will embrace change while others will resist it. When faced with change, small business owners have the added pressure of having limited resources which means that making good decisions about investing in change is critical. There is not much room to make poor strategic decisions when managing any small business, let alone when purposefully making a change within the company. Quite often, change management in small businesses is unsuccessful because there is a lack of communication and follow through with a change management plan, according to Robert Half, a specialized staffing firm. There are several tips that will help small businesses harness change so that they can get a competitive advantage in their market.

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Harnessing Change: A Blog Series to Transform Change Into Strategy | Extraordinary Business

change management

Change Is Inevitable

Have you ever recognized a need to change something in your business but don’t know where to start? When your business is right at the cusp of growing beyond your control, do you wonder how to start adjusting to growth? Do you ever feel like you are constantly catching up with the rest of the business world or your customers? These are all common issues that can be solved by learning how to manage change in your business. This blog series will address some of the main ideas, solutions, tools, and strategies for adjusting to change. An overview of the upcoming series is below.  We look forward to sharing it with you.

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What?? I Didn’t Plan for That!! | Extraordinary Business

Making sure that the strategy you spent hours and dollars on is paying off!

imageThree months ago, people traditionally created New Years Resolutions.  As business leaders, we talked about what we wanted to do differently this year (2013) and how we were going to get there.  Some of us even ventured to write it down and made a plan, perhaps drawn from an existing or newly minted strategic plan.

The problem with planning, sometimes, is that some of things we plan for don’t happen.  The brilliant assistant or other employees we envisioned hiring haven’t materialized with the proper combination of skills, experiences and compensation needs.  For many business owners, the first quarter didn’t kick off as planned – lots of inquiries, very few people actually pulling the trigger, if you will.  New tax laws and impending changes in the health care industry have created a ripple effect across the country and the globe.

I guess this is a good time to throw out the plan and start over.

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