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“Who builds a tower without first considering the cost?” ~ King Solomon of Ancient Israel

imageMany people who start businesses simply write down a few ideas, get some information and get started on their businesses. They get some sales, things start to look good, so they start looking at how to increase the amount of business they are getting. They might go out and hire a part time VA (virtual assistant) or work with a staffing firm or to fill the need.

All of the sudden, sales plummet. It could be the result of a key customer leaving, a sales person leaving and taking their contacts to another firm, damage to your internet reputation (yep – it happens!) or a change in the marketplace or industry.

Think about it: the New York Yankee’s Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod) and twelve other players have been suspended from playing for using performance enhancing drugs. This was unexpected. But the teams cannot afford to fall apart because of this. They have to operate differently in order to remain successful.

While somewhere in the back of our minds, we all know that this is a possibility…it is not preventable because most of these issues are outside of our control.  Even losing a key customer!

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The Hunt | Extraordinary Business

The Hunt In conversation with a gentle lady a while back, around the topic of running and growing a sustainable business, the woman asked me how she could get beyond living from check to check and make some real, sustainable money in her business.  My response was that in all likelihood, she could not.  Not that she didn’t have a great service, great report with her customers and vendors or have good business practices on a whole.  The problem was that she could not see the business as being bigger than herself.  She could not relinquish controls so she could focus on the things only she could do in the business.

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