Strategic Innovation for the Win

Disney+ strategy

What we should learn from Disney’s “Innovate or Die” As a business owner, you expect change to happen.  As a matter of fact, the only thing in business that stays the same is the need to change—especially in the face of a global pandemic. As product availability, buyer habits, staffing, and distribution changes rapidly in response to or in anticipation of the external environment, business owners need to be agile. In the period of economic and environmental uncertainty, business agility is not just a strategic advantage. It is a requirement for survival.

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Identifying Effective and Sustainable Business Models

sustainable business model

considered as an essential in any type of business. A strong model that has found its way into a company’s business plan can help align stakeholders and give angel investors insights on its long-term vision business potential. Bootstrapping business owners are also less likely to make costly decisions as there is already a framework to follow.

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Why Every Company Should Be Considered a Tech Company | Extraordinary Business

The concept of a “tech sector” is fast becoming outdated. In many ways the idea is already a relic of the past. And at the same time, the idea behind the tech sector is stronger than ever. The notion of technological prowess has been infused into all parts of the economy, cutting across all business sectors. From construction companies to equipment manufacturers to transportation companies, every company can be considered a tech company.

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4 Ways Technology Continues to Revolutionize Business Strategy


Accelerating Returns Technology doesn’t follow a clear straight line today, it touches and changes everything. It improves and revolutionalizes business strategy exponentially, bringing about growth to all it touches. When applied in the business world, you get accelerating returns instead of linear advancement. As Greg Satell, a former SVP at Publicis Groupe and Co-CEO of KP Media notes, ‘accelerating returns is the new economy‘. Let’s take a closer look at four ways that technology can strengthen and elevate the new destination of your business through the coming year.

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Successful Strategy Made Simple | Extraordinary Business


The first step towards making good decisions is simply to stop making bad ones. The same principle can be applied to developing business strategies. In order to stop following bad strategies, you must recognize the absence of good strategies. Richard Rumelt gives a great example of how to define a good strategy. He states that a good strategy has “coherence, coordinating actions, policies, and resources so as to accomplish an important end.” (Rumelt, 2011, p.11). Fortunately, business has provided countless examples of good and bad strategies that provide unofficial guidelines for the do’s and don’ts of strategy making. The following are examples of tools and methods that any company can use to identify, build, and sustain good strategy development.

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Thought Leadership's Journey to Brand Awareness

thought leadership

Importance of Thought Leadership for Corporate Growth’ and ‘Your Company’s Thought Leadership Has Eluded Business Development Success’, we focused on thought leadership. We talked about the importance of thought leadership for corporate growth, while also looking into factors in which a company might miss out on the benefits of thought leadership. In this article, we’ll discuss the connection between thought leadership and brand awareness.

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