Life Cycle: Existence | Extraordinary Business

“You can’t get where you want to go unless you know where you are starting!” Many times, when businesses are started – they just start selling, often missing mundane tasks, such as planning and preparing for growth.  Of course, desperate times call for desperate actions; we work to make money, not to get stuck in, … Read more

Be Extraordinary…Mind Your Seeds

Starting and growing a business is a lot like growing crops on a farm.  You will get what you plant, assuming you take care of it and have the resources in place for when it is “harvest time,” or when the fruits of your labor present themselves. The challenge that many business owners have is … Read more

Leading the Organization That Survives: Don't be a STIFFNECK

How do you know you’re a leader? “Well, if you look behind you, you will find people following you!” says author and Dean at Regent University, Bruce Winston, PhD in his CD “Tabletalk”. He goes on to say, ” if nobody is following you, then you aren’t a leader. It’s as simple as that.” If … Read more

It's Time to Fire the Chief Bottle Washer!!!

I come from years and years in the small business end of the restaurant industry, where owners tout the title: “Chef,Owner and Chief Bottle Washer.” I decided after very little thought and planning, that I would follow in the tradition as a restaurateur and serial entrepreneur, and don the illustrious title when I opened, in … Read more

Keepin' it Movin'!: Motivation to Continue to Strive

I believe in always looking forward. I believe in sharing goodwill. I believe that community starts with me. I believe that my company is here to serve. I believe. What do you believe?  What are you doing about it? Where ever we start out, we start out with an idea or a dream.  We want … Read more

Focus & Framework: Getting Things Done

According to some reports, the economy is finally beginning to stabilize.  Job losses are slowing, and some companies are beginning to hire, again.  Most businesses have been hurt, some are closed.  Still others are starting.  Why?  People are seeing opportunity.  They identified a need and are willing to fill it. The Problem: Starting a new … Read more

Systems Thinking for Business: Survival

Whether you are starting your business from the ground up, or looking at strengthening your business, you are thinking about how your business will survive.  While you might say that you are simply going to provide goods and /or services to buyers, you are differentiating yourself from anyone else.  Your likelihood for success is slim … Read more

Principles for Startup Businesses: Think. Plan. Do.

I am always interested in speaking with people who want to start new businesses.  The hope and passion they bring to the small business community is refreshing.  It’s like a child who has been promised a new toy, or a teenager purchasing a new car. I encourage it.  It is like skydiving or cliff jumping … Read more

Doing the Time…Keeping it in Perspective

Starting, running and growing your business is not an overnight phenomenon.  Unless you started with it, you cannot have it all, now.  In the restaurant industry, they say that the easiest way to make a small fortune in the industry…is to start out with a large fortune. Getting your business to a level of sustainability … Read more

So…You are CEO…What Now?

I’ve worked with a number of entrepreneurs who tend to call themselves CEO, or Chief Executive Officer, which, in all respects, is fine.  It’s no different then being a solopreneur, (an entrepreneur who runs a single person shop) and referring to ‘we’ whenever goods and services are questioned. While many small business owners embrace this … Read more