Jump Off the Bridge! | Extraordinary Business

no vision.  He could have been the poster boy for, “if your friends wanted to jump off a bridge…” Excellent leaders build excellent visions for their companies.  They decide where the company is going to go and what it will “look like” when it gets there.  It is a thought-out vision that comes from  the … Read more

Eat That Elephant!! | Extraordinary Business

How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time. Of course, there are a million other witticisms that are added to the old adage, but the point is still the same.  If you try to take on elephant-sized goals all at once, they will immediately appear unappetizing.  However, if you look at those … Read more

Asleep at the Wheel | Extraordinary Business

too quiet. You can’t help but excuse the place, “Well, I am here just to pick up a widget or two,” knowing that if there was another place you could get it, you would be there in a heartbeat.  Nonetheless, out of curiosity, you begin looking for the management, and you see a slightly disheveled … Read more

Extraordinary Business: Do the Right Thing

As I was sitting at a traffic light, this morning, someone got out of their car, ran up to mine and secured the gas cap and door on my truck.  Later, I saw someone pull off the road and into the grass to help someone change a tire.  Acts of kindness do not go unnoticed.  … Read more

Pitfalls of Poor or Impotent Processes | Extraordinary Business

Have you ever called a vendor to discuss a simple problem and found that the process took much longer than it should have?  I had that experience, recently, with one of the largest and oldest telecom carriers in the industry. The interesting thing about it is that everyone I spoke with, including the telephone system … Read more

Welcome to 2010

Happy New Year! The title sounds like the ominous beginning to a Science Fiction novel or movie from years gone by.  They probably would have said something about the advances in technology, such as deep space flight, robotics and artificial intelligence and cellular phones.  They would also talk about society – usually in terms of … Read more

Re-Trenching – New Objectives

As a younger man, I was enlisted as a soldier in the US Army.  Part of our basic training had to do with combat, which included building fighting positions, digging trenches and keeping morale up.  Our goal, always, was to move forward in order to achieve a particular objective, which was always part of a … Read more

Only the Beginning

Do you ever think about what makes extraordinary companies extraordinary?  Not just from a financial standpoint, but from an all around standpoint.  Not looking at the size of the company, but rather the impact it makes.  Not looking at salaries and benefits, but rather employee commitment.  Not looking at growth potential but rather, a shared … Read more

SSDD.and do it All, Again

“Same Stuff Different Day,” or versions of it has been made an infamous response to greetings, made famous by movies featuring employees of “corporate America.”   The people that use this phrase are those who begrudgingly go to work, push their pencils around all day, confuse “hardly working” with “working hard,” take long lunches, call off … Read more