Key Questions to Ask When Considering M&A for Business Expansion


There are numerous potential problems for a company facing a merger or acquisition, as outlined by John Barrows of JBarrows Sales Training. How do you know if your company is in the right place and time for a M&A? Let’s go over some key questions you should ask when considering a merger or acquisition for business expansion.

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Five Tactics Followed by Global Companies for Business Growth | Extraordinary Business

Global Growth

The first five years of opening and starting a business are the most precarious, and 77-80% of businesses fail within that time. No one starts a business with the intention of closing in just a few years; no one invests countless hours in a business that may not fully fleshed out and headed for success.

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How Technology Supports Business Growth | Extraordinary Business

How does technology support business growth? The short answer is that it can support business grown in just about any way you can think of. Technology has become a way of life today, cutting across business industries and markets. The power of cutting-edge technology, in whichever way it may be relevant to your business, makes more things possible than you may know. As you work on growing your business and expanding your organization, technology will support you in numerous ways. Let’s look how technology can support you with different aspects of business growth.

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Plan for Business Growth

Business Growth Planning

When your business grows quickly, things don’t “naturally fall into place” like you might hope or think.  Many businesses actually go out of business as a result of growing too fast and not having the infrastructure to support it.  The way to avoid some (and I do mean some) of the surprises that go along with business growth is to have modeling and a process that will help you see and address some of the obstacles.

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