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Making a new IT purchase: Is your phone/tablet/computer really worth it?

It seems like every couple of months, some new mobile device comes out, whether it is an iPhone, a tablet, the world’s thinnest computer or some related device.  These devices are touted as the “must have” because they are the most beautiful, sexy, versatile – you-can-do-anything with them phones in the world.  With a strong media blitz behind them, one might begin to wonder if the devices can walk on water.

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CRAZY!! | Extraordinary Business

Does that make me crazy?

It’s interesting, if you think about it: as business leaders, you have essentially took on people who have more resources, have been in business longer, have more education, business savvy, etc., to get your business into the marketplace.  If you looked at the market, the industry and your competitors, plus all of the nasty failure-rate statistics that go along with starting a business, you would have realized you had a snowball’s chance in Death Valley to be successful.  You had to be CRAZY to do it, and even CRAZIER if you did it without looking!

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Put a Sock in It | Extraordinary Business

Have you ever said something and immediately wished that you hadn’t said it?  It could be something in the heat of a sale, a discussion or a commitment you made to an employee, customer or other stakeholder.  Have you ever stopped to consider what the ramifications of that comment might be?

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Follow the Postman | Extraordinary Business

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of
their appointed rounds” – “Motto” of the Postal ServiceFollow the Postman

As a young person, we had a mail man named Mr. Brown.  In our neighborhood, the mail carriers (still do) park their vehicles at the end of our street and carry the mail from house to house in their mail sack.  I remember that no matter what – rain, snow, wind, Mr. Brown was always there with our mail.

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Born Running | Extraordinary Business

As a business leader, when you started your business, you were born running.  It was easy to get up every day and simply make things happen.  You had a vision for where you wanted your business to go, who you wanted to serve and what you expected to happen as a result of your business’s … Read more

Don’t Just Stand There! Open the Door! | Extraordinary Business

I was working with a client, over the weekend, at his office in Downtown Atlanta.  He mentioned to me, when we were walking in, that he had gotten a ticket parking in the same location that I did.  However, there was a 2 hr parking sign there, so I felt like I was safe. As … Read more

Extraordinary Business: When Opportunity Knocketh

How do you know when opportunity is knocking? How do you know when it is the right opportunity? How do you know when it is the right opportunity for you? As a business leader, you are probably aware of the old adage that says, “It takes money to make money.”  Practically, this means that typically, … Read more

Getting to the Top | Extraordinary Business

Stephen Jones of Growth Strategies, demonstrated the “real deal” of social media marketing.  Guess what: It wasn’t easy It wasn’t quick The formula had to be tweaked based on response and feedback from potential clients and partners Getting to the point where JV partners would promote products or services took more work than just making … Read more

Loving the Unlovable | Extraordinary Business

In the military, they were quite point blank – “Straighten up or we’ll get rid of you and find two people to take your place who can do the job better.” Find out what makes them tick…and wind their clock. Option number 1 requires no investment in the person.  However, you’ve got to be committed … Read more

Carving the Elephant | Extraordinary Business

PEP assessment on the businesses (or people) you’ve worked with in the past, you would probably find that the personality or company culture that you worked best with in the past are similar – like or complimentary to your own.  You will probably find that your business will have a hard time relating to businesses … Read more