Missed Opportunities | Extraordinary Business

A business assessment is the basis for short-term change and strategic growthYoung stylish businessman As a small business owner, you probably have about a million million-dollar ideas floating around in your head. Problem is that while there is no lack of ideas, determining where to invest your time and resources may be an issue. Oftentimes, it is a challenge of opportunity cost: if you invest in one area, you cannot invest somewhere else. May investors have horror stories about missing opportunities that turned into great opportunities. This article talks about 11 investors who turned down opportunities that would have netted them HUGE returns. If we only had a crystal ball!! While these may not be the types of opportunities you would take advantage of, there may be every day opportunities that you and your company are missed out on, sometimes, simply as a result of not knowing. Many business owners get so wrapped up in fighting the daily fires of running the business that sometimes even the basic things get missed.

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Falling Down | Extraordinary Business:

A Japanese proverb says, “Fall down six times, get up seven.”  While we don’t always talk about the endurance it takes to run a business, and the chaotic environment in which we try to exist, it is important for us as business leaders to look at things for what they are: challenges to overcome. Overcoming … Read more

Eat That Elephant!! | Extraordinary Business

How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time. Of course, there are a million other witticisms that are added to the old adage, but the point is still the same.  If you try to take on elephant-sized goals all at once, they will immediately appear unappetizing.  However, if you look at those … Read more

Strategic Partnerships | Extraordinary Business

Know your business – start with a business assessment. Make sure you have an understanding of how the role you seek to fill impacts your business – cost, personal service, intimacy with your business, etc. Know the role you wish to fill – qualifications, requirements, industry understanding, education, experience, etc. Know your business beliefs – … Read more

Who's got Your Back?

Have you ever walked into a room and felt like it was going to simply swallow you? As extraordinary business leaders, we can bank on the fact that we are constantly seeking bluer, uncharted waters. I suspect, though, that we aren’t designed to go at it alone.  If you take a look at successful leaders, … Read more

Just in Case: Prepare for Contingencies

As business leaders, preparing for contingencies is part of the job. I was at a famous fast food chain at lunch time – seems like the place should be booming.  However, this day, the restaurant was nearly empty and the drive thru only had a hand full of cars in it.  Yet, it took 15 … Read more

Had an Aepiphanni, Lately? September 2009

From the Desk of Rick Meekins Hello!!  We are approaching the fourth Quarter of 2009!  Question for you:  What obstacles are keeping you from getting where you want to be? Here’s a great story:  The Obstacle in Our Path…In ancient times, a king had a boulder placed on a roadway. Then he hid himself and … Read more

Podcast: Leading the Organization that Survives

Presented to ACIBN August 12, 2009 When making decisions for your company, you need to have four things: 1.  A Passion for Possibilities 2.  A Commitment to Priorities 3.  Relevant Information 4.  The Courage to Assume Risk In part two of �Leading the Organization that Survives,� I�ll talk about the need for gathering good information … Read more

Keepin' it Movin'!: Motivation to Continue to Strive

I believe in always looking forward. I believe in sharing goodwill. I believe that community starts with me. I believe that my company is here to serve. I believe. What do you believe?  What are you doing about it? Where ever we start out, we start out with an idea or a dream.  We want … Read more