Challenge Everything | Extraordinary Business

There is a video game company called EA (Electronic Arts – that used to use the tagline “Challenge Everything.”  As one who, at times, must question the natural order of things, this tag immediately appealed to me.  Many of my clients often hear the question of, “Why?” when they propose ideas.  The goal isn’t to belittle the idea or thought, but rather, to make sure that the idea is completely thought out.

As business leaders, we nee to understand and question everything around our businesses.  As someone said to me, once, “You need to inspect what you expect.”  Even if we feel like we understand certain things, or that certain things appear to be part of the natural order, understanding “why” something is done will often serve to ensure that the product or service or idea does have merits and has been completely thought out. 

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Have an Idea and a Plan

Extraordinary Business: Have an Idea and a Plan! In a 2008 children’s movie, “Monsters versus Aliens,” General W. R. Monger reports to the President, “Mr. President, not only do I have an idea, but I have a plan!”  This is the mentality business leaders who wish to build extraordinary businesses must have. Building an extraordinary … Read more

Dying Daily | Extraordinary Business

Extraordinary business leaders sacrifice, daily, to do what needs to be done I remember hearing many, many stories about “self-made men,” and the time and energy they put into making their organization.  They talk about things like, “blood, sweat and tears,” and “decimating the competition” and that sort of thing.  Some mention luck or “the … Read more