Keeping it Inside – When To Only Use Internal Employees

Internal Employees

Maximize Financial Savings –  It is true that outsourcing a project can be a great way for a small business owner to save money.  However, there are times when keeping a project in-house is less expensive than outsourcing.  In an article for, business advisor Jessica Bowers points out that by outsourcing, you are in … Read more

Product Development – Follow the Plate

product development

How a good product development process can save you time, productivity and money Over the past 10 years, nearly all of our clients have been entrepreneurs – people who spotted needs in the marketplace and built companies to meet those needs. So, by nature, we all – myself included – constantly think of new ways to sell more stuff – products or services. Based on experience, my guess would be those in the restaurant industry that run their own stores or have the flexibility to be creative must be masterful at this due to the need to come up with some new menu items that will sell nearly every day. If you think about it, restaurateurs have to be good at this or they subject themselves to losing a lot of money, quickly. When they commit to a special, they are immediately investing ingredients and time into the development of the menu item without necessarily being able to get the investment back. So while the cost of a plate might be 1/4 – 1/3rd of the price of the product (raw goods) the time associated with developing the item adds additional costs.

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Extraordinary Change | Extraordinary Business

imageStaying agile in a rapidly changing marketplace The 21st century has been an amazing time of growth and change around the world.  As business leaders, the last 10 years has brought both opportunities and concerns about how, when and where we do business.  We have been forced to reconsider old practices and ways of thinking, knowing that what was in the past is in the past; we can learn from them but we have to continue to keep eyes right and moving forward if the expectation is to continue. Right? This type of thinking is the thinking that separates the business leaders who seek to build extraordinary businesses from those who are just along for the ride.  These are the business leaders that are thinking strategically.

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