Born Running | Extraordinary Business

As a business leader, when you started your business, you were born running.  It was easy to get up every day and simply make things happen.  You had a vision for where you wanted your business to go, who you wanted to serve and what you expected to happen as a result of your business’s … Read more

Dying Daily | Extraordinary Business

Extraordinary business leaders sacrifice, daily, to do what needs to be done I remember hearing many, many stories about “self-made men,” and the time and energy they put into making their organization.  They talk about things like, “blood, sweat and tears,” and “decimating the competition” and that sort of thing.  Some mention luck or “the … Read more

Eat That Elephant!! | Extraordinary Business

How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time. Of course, there are a million other witticisms that are added to the old adage, but the point is still the same.  If you try to take on elephant-sized goals all at once, they will immediately appear unappetizing.  However, if you look at those … Read more

Getting the Word to the Masses | Extraordinary Business:

any, despite the fact that they are cute, fun, purebred and the sire comes from a great bloodline. Many business leaders approach their marketing with the same perspective: they’ve got a great product or service, and feel that simply because they exist, they are entitled to market share.  Furthermore, they feel as that business cards, … Read more