Doing Well? How do you Know? | Extraordinary Business

imageWith the Affordable Care Act a.k.a. “Obamacare” rolling out, business owners and politicians across the country are faced with the question: “How will this affect my business? How much will it cost me?”

Realizing that the act will require change, either from compliance or non-compliance, what has to happen in order for you to make a good decision – even to criticize or support it –  is to have access to the information about your business. In short – its economy, which you could say is the management of the use of scarce resources, essentially, time, money, skills, real estate, equipment and other assets.

For example, if you look at the cost of the Obamacare program versus the cost of hours or days of lost productivity per employee due to being sick and not being able to go to the doctors, or losing employees because they find a job that has better benefits, which would cost more? Which would cause you, as a business owner, to expend additional resources either covering for that person yourself or finding someone else to cover that person?

Are there alternatives? Would they work better? How do you know? Is the information you are receiving filtered, or straight from the source? You cannot answer these questions without knowing your business’s economy and access to accurate information that

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