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With Super Bowl XLV around the corner, the conversation these days is around who will win.  According to, the Packers are the popular choice over the Pittsburg Steelers.  Everyone has their theories about why they’ve chosen one team over the other, using criteria such as injuries, experience, heart, coaching style, key people, etc.  I’ve submitted my vote for the Steelers.  Unfortunately, I, like many of us, will be a spectator, rather than a player, watching the game.

What about you?  What about your business?  Is your business in the game or are you on the sidelines?SuperBowl - Sideline or Starter

The difference between being on the sidelines and getting in the game is a lot more than luck and being in the right place at the right time.  It takes drive and determination, day in and day out in order to make it to the big leagues.  There is no such thing as “done training” or “done building” in the business community, because the moment you do is the moment your business begins to lose momentum.

Grow and run an extraordinary business.  Don’t sit and watch from the sidelines as other businesses take the place of your business in the marketplace.  From a decisive perspective, it takes no more thought to to grow an ordinary business then to create an extraordinary one.  The difference is a result of focus, effort and drive.

Start with the following:

Decide what you want to do

    • Create a vision: what does the business look like in 5, 10 or 15 years?  Has the business grown?  How large is it?  Where is it operated?
    • What has the business accomplished?  Is it a large firm?  Does it have local, national, international or global reach?
    • What is the business known for?  Is it a great place to work?  Does it have a track record of making excellent progress?  Is it known for brilliance or innovations?
    • Does the business support the community, perhaps through employing people, sponsoring events or scholarships?
    • What does the company revenues look like?  Is it a $1M, $10M, $100M or $1B+ company?

Ask yourself: why not you?  Why not your business?  What will it take to get there?  Learn from the people who have done it:

    • Read their books
    • Study their backgrounds
    • Listen to their CD’s
    • Learn from their mentors
    • Talk to them
    • Hang out with them

Create a plan.  Having a picture on the wall or some brilliant quotes on your website won’t do it.  Make a plan.

    • Without a plan you’ll be fishing for a tadpole in the middle of the ocean; your chances of success will be very slim.

Get a coach or a consultant

    • To help you with the fine aspects of your plan
    • To guide you through the growth process
    • To hold you accountable for your progress, or lack thereof
    • To help you think through difficult decisions and challenges

Take action.  A plan without action is no more than a waste of time.  You won’t even be on the sidelines.

Go Extraordinary.  Be a starter.  Don’t let life’s SuperBowl leave you stuck on the sidelines.

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  1. …………Every small business owner knows that survival doesnt always mean doing what you set out to do in the first place. But what services should you add?.There are different approaches to adding sidelines to a business. But in general the following activities make good sidelines for most businesses .


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