Results of Our Work

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Startup Business Consulting: Concierge/Travel Industry

Startup project for a New York City startup travel tourism business. Developed business plan with financial statements, set up operations, hired staff, set up Office365 and phone system

Not-for-Profit Organizational Development Consulting

We were approached by a not-for-profit organization that was struggling and needed to address multiple issues. They had a specialized educational program for the local community which was working quite well, but there were a lot of problems and goals that needed to be addressed.

Marketing Firm Consulting: Freelancing to a Profitable Business

Management Solution Implementation

IT Company: Scaling and Optimizing Consulting

High Speed Coaching Differentiation Strategy

More than Great Food

Empowering Execution of Strategies

We were contacted by a Top Rated organization that was in need of a business assessment and clarification of the longer-term vision.

CRM System Implementation for a Transportation Company

Consulting for a Growing Restaurant

…as our client’s reputation grew, bigger projects started coming in, which in turn required more staff and more equipment and space. The owner wanted to expand into a proper restaurant and needed help to accomplish it properly.

Construction Firm: Organizational Transformation

The owner wanted to reorganize the company, where he was the central business producer, and turn it into an organization that had great value independently of him. His goal was to scale this business in a way that allowed him to work on other projects of interest.

A Case for Small Business Outsourced Operations Management