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Have you ever called a vendor to discuss a simple problem and found that the process took much longer than it should have?  I had that experience, recently, with one of the largest and oldest telecom carriers in the industry.

The interesting thing about it is that everyone I spoke with, including the telephone system (IVR or voice mail jail), were quite polite.  Unfortunately, they didn’t possess the knowledge (training?) required to get me to the right person in the right area to resolve my issue.

It was like going on vacation, having a wonderful destination in mind, but being sidetracked, repeatedly, by traffic, weather, road closings, etc.  After dealing with the issues for what I decided as begin far too long, I was beginning to wonder if the resolution was worth it.  Forty-five minutes later, I began to wonder if they were the right company for my needs, and why I was paying them for this level of frustration.

Again – it wasn’t the individuals, at all, that bothered me.  They claimed to be understanding and attentive, reflecting each of my concerns and letting me know that they would do their best to help me.  (I think by the time I’d reached the third person, they stopped asking if they had provided outstanding service and if there was anything else they could do for me.  They didn’t ask me if I would do a survey for them, either, which I thought was odd.)  However, they continued to forward me to other departments that supposedly could handle the issue, and they couldn’t call the other departments to ensure the issue was handled correctly.

To date, the issue is not resolved, I am extremely disappointed with the company and now I am blogging about it.  Yes, I am seeking another solution.  This seems to be the logical progression of mismanagement of resources

Hmmm…what about your processes?  Do you have a number of components in place, but an imperfect process to get your activity from a to z?  Are you leaving your customers with unpleasant experiences, not because of your personality, or that of your team, or your products and/or services, but by delays in the way that situations and resources are managed?  Are you leaving them in the dark, or confused about the next steps in the process?

Creating, evaluating and updating your business’s processes as your business, your industry and your market changes is essential for becoming and remaining an extraordinary business.

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