Not-for-Profit Organizational Development Consulting

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Not-for-Profit Organizational Development Consulting


We were approached by a not-for-profit organization that was struggling and needed to address multiple issues. They had a specialized educational program for the local community which was working quite well, but there were a lot of problems and goals that needed to be addressed.


The Not-for-Profit organization approached us looking for a way to expand the vision for their organization. While they had a strong leader who was running the organization, the leader began to grow disenchanted with her dual role of Executive Director and Program Director.  She was ready for the organization to grow so that it could support additional staff and not require so much of her time and energy.  She knew that in order for the organization to move out of its present situation, it would need to have a clearer vision for where it was going and the support of the board and staff to help drive change.


We conducted a full assessment of the organization, looking at both internal and external elements. A better understanding of their market and its strengths and weaknesses was also gained. We got more familiar with the organization and sought to clarify the real problems. 

On the surface the problem was not getting enough students. Our analysis showed the deeper issue of the client needing a business model that would help them become a sustainable organization. We helped the organization identify strengths and weaknesses and how to address them, doing the same for opportunities and threats. 


At the core of our solution was a 5-year model. We designed it to help the client take a grass roots approach to building up their organization. The overall brand awareness and visibility also needed to be enhanced. Helping them capitalize on their social assets and revamping their website are examples of the many things our strategy addressed. 

One of the key challenges we identified was that the organization was trying to serve a community that couldn’t support them. Another big issue was that the Board of Directors had become disengaged and not working as they used to before. So we designed the model to address both issues. 


By implementing the model we had designed we addressed all the concerns shared by the client and revealed by our analysis. We significantly enhanced the visibility for the organization as a whole. The client had one program that was working quite well; our model helped add more programs. 

We helped the client identify a new market that had both the interest and income to support the organization, unlike the one the client had been serving till now. Moreover, our strategic model also helped hire local board members. Given the nature of the organization, we were quite pleased and proud with ourselves to have worked with and helped them. 

As a result of what we were able to CREATE|DESIGN|BUILD, the client enjoyed the following results: 

  • More programs added
  • Strong leadership support via new Board of Directors 
  • Partnership with local companies 
  • Identified and connected with much better communities 
  • Enhanced brand awareness 
  • Geared for Stage III business growth 

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