Need to Raise Your Game in 2010? Be a Mentor.

I remember listening to one of my mentors, Dr. Ike, who was speaking about living an extraordinary life, and found something that I could really sink my teeth into.  His delivery wasn’t academic – you know, the typical “10 Steps to Stepping Into Your new Life” or something like that.  It was, rather, along the lines of a course filled with testaments of trial, error and progress.

You see: being extraordinary isn’t like turning on a light bulb “bam!” you’re FABULAS!; it is a process that takes work.

While the series was indeed more than I had expected it to be, what made the difference for me was that I learned, later, that he was living by the set of standards that he encouraged in others.  What I mean by that as I looked back, or thought back over the things that I’ve seen him do, he ALWAYS strove to be extraordinary.  The goes from the books he’s written to the talks he’s given to his office to the projects he’s undertaken.

Part of what drives him to be extraordinary every day is that he’s got to keep the standard that he recommends to other people.

I know that because every day that I talk about being an extraordinary leader, and running an extraordinary business, I focus focusing my energies “walking my talk,” as they say, without excuse.  If I am going to talk about being extraordinary, I need to focus my energies on demonstrating it, as well.

Wouldn’t it be great for you to identify some area of expertise that you have and mentor someone in it?  If you are doing web design, showing others how to do their designs better would probably encourage you to do better.  If you are a teacher, teaching someone else how to teach might encourage you to dig deeper. If you are a line cook, mentoring someone else might help you work faster.

So it stands to say: If you want a method to raise your game in 2010: Mentor someone else.

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