Just in Case: Prepare for Contingencies

As business leaders, preparing for contingencies is part of the job.

I was at a famous fast food chain at lunch time – seems like the place should be booming.  However, this day, the restaurant was nearly empty and the drive thru only had a hand full of cars in it.  Yet, it took 15 minutes to get my lunch.  As I observed the comedy of errors behind the counter, I couldn’t help but ask myself why they were so slow, and what would they do if they had actually gotten busy.She who fails to plan, plans to fail.

In my mind, the manager really needed to put some energy into contingencies – being prepared for that busy lunch, hoping to capture the business of more customers, rather than running with a roughly trained skeleton crew.  If the restaurant had gotten busy and they couldn’t handle the rush, many people would have gone to other restaurants to get their fill.  The restaurant would have gained a reputation for being poorly run and they would miss out on revenue opportunities – which may be what I was observing during my visit.

How about your business, Business Leader?  Are you aware of how much your business can handle?  Do you have a plan for managing an increase in business?  Many businesses go out of business simply because they grow too fast.are you going to be a statistic?

She who fails to plan, plans to fail.  Prepare for contingencies.

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