IT Company: Scaling and Optimizing Consulting

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IT Company: Scaling and Optimizing Consulting



We were introduced to the head of a business who wanted to streamline her operations. While the business was doing well, around $0.5 million to $1 million in sales per year, the owner was extremely busy and it was evident soon she couldn’t manage the high influx of work coming in. 

The business had a lot of potential to grow, and this was simultaneously good and bad. We were asked to help optimize the business in a way that it could grow bigger than the owner. The client wanted to be able to scale the business without her personal capacity holding the organization back. To be able to take on more customers, accept different types of projects and so on. 


We conducted a deep assessment of the business to get an intimate understanding of the organization, the market and the industry. We uncovered opportunities that the business could take advantage of, while also discovering potential problems and things that could go wrong. 

We came across various things across numerous categories, which helped us understand the root cause of the problem – the lack of systems and processes to run and scale the business smoothly. This was sapping the time and energy of the business owner, in turn creating a bottleneck for the business, hampering its sustainable growth beyond a certain point. Well-thought-out systems needed to be implemented to streamline the business operations and capitalize on the strengths. 


After completing our analysis, we went back the to business owner. We shared our vision and worked with her to design what her business could look like in the future, AKA “The Aepiphanni”. 

Based on our SWOT analysis, focusing on ways to capitalize on opportunities, we designed a business that could essentially run and grow beyond the owner. An entity that the owner could create a valuation for, and sell it in the future if she chose to.  


We decided to implement the solution in a multi-phased approach. The first phase was creating jobs and different crucial roles within the organization. We helped her hire new staff and brought an accounting firm on board. Creating a robust and efficient infrastructure was also a crucial phase, such as setting up accounting systems. 

To enhance the operational efficiency, we designed a software solution that helped the client better manage areas such as scheduling and client relationships. The goal was to streamline and automate as much as possible. 

We also addressed an important missing element in the client’s business – a brand. Our team designed a unique brand for them. We helped her expand her marketing beyond the social networks the client was using. Through one of our partners we also enhanced the client’s brand with a new logo. 

As a result of what we were able to CREATE|DESIGN|BUILD, the client enjoyed the following results: 

  • Increased revenue 
  • Lower accounts receivable by 50% 
  • Capitalizing of new opportunities 
  • Benefit from tax breaks, increasing profits 
  • Significant company growth with more staff and a COO on board 
  • More capable of adapting to market changes 

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