Getting to the Bottom of It

One of the challenges of running a small business is finding time to get j0400853everything done you need to get done in a short amount of time. I, for one, find it valuable to be able to post blogs on a weekly basis. I found that I was wasting a great deal of time creating my posts, reviewing them, publishing them, then finding out that they weren’t posted properly.

So important was my publishing, that I needed to find an offline editor that would work for me and my business. I needed to be able to include pictures, tags headlines, etc., and know that when I publish it, it will look like it did when it was on my computer.

Now – I have to admit, I didn’t have time for this right now. I have deliverables all over the place. I wish I could have handed this off to my secretary, but alas, I haven’t hired them yet. So I must do this myself.

This took me about an hour to do – something I normally would have completed on a Friday, when I normally do business building activities, but I need to use this for the rest of the week, so here I am. I had to make a choice – does the cost outweigh the benefit.

In this case, no, because this is something that I will use several more times this week, and this is how I add content to my website. Now, if it was something else…updating my MySpace page? I don’t think so – partially because I have very little clue about how to do this, and partially because I don’t see pulling many clients from there.

The lesson, here, is that anything you do in your business – networking, driving, purchasing new equipment or blogging – you’ve got to weight the cost versus the benefit you will get from it. While a new cell phone might be really cool, does it add to your brand or your productivity in a way that you can say “Yes – this will help to extend the company’s roots.

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