Business Threats: Swine Flu

Swine Flu is a very real threat to your organization.  If we were evaluating your company’s SWOT, this would be an environmental THREAT – one that could do your business a great deal of harm.  The goal, of course, in any SWOT is to minimize the impact it has on your operations.

Evaluating the impact Swine Flu will have on your operations will have to be done on every level: operations, employees, vendors, competitors and customers. 

  • Operations: what will happen if someone on your team contracts the disease?  What if that person is a key person?  What if that person is you?  How will it effect yourclip_image002 company’s abilities to get products to market?  Do you have the infrastructure to allow for non-traditional work, such as working from home?  How will you alert your client base to the precautions your organization is taking?  What additional cleaning measures do you need to take?
  • Employees: What if your employee has school-aged children that catch the disease, or someone in their school contracts it and the school is shut down?  Can they work virtually?  Do they have health insurance or some means of getting treated?  Is there another way to keep your employees productive?  What is the policy if someone begins to show signs of sickness?  Are you training your employees Swine Flu, it’s symptoms and what to do in case they feel like they might catch something?  What assurances can you give them?
  • Vendors:  What will happen if your vendor’s business is interrupted?  Do you have another source?  How will this impact your business?  How will this impact your customers?
  • Customers:  Are there precautions your need to offer your customers?  Do you need to invest in some sanitizing wipes or additional masks?  How can you assure your customers that they are safe, or at least that every precaution is being taken?
  • Competitors:  Are your competitors taking action?  What are they doing?  Will you be able to help their customers if their business is interrupted?  Will you need to consider working with them for a short time if both businesses are impacted negatively?

One can not put a dollar value on preparedness, but we have seen time and time again, the costs of various disasters.  Being prepared is the key.  Be ready.  Be vigilant.  Take action.

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