Business Survival Lessons from my Three-Year Old

I CAN DO IT MYSELF! Is a common scream I hear from my three-year-old, as he attempts, quite confidently, to pour one gallon of water into a 12 oz glass. I always have to admire him for trying. The funny thing is…he is usually successful – getting the water in the glass, that is. (Of course, someone else ends up cleaning up his mess.)

The other interesting thing about him is that he knows to ask for help for certain things. He realizes that there are certain things that are completely beyond is reach, which is amazing when you think about it.

After thinking about this, I considered some other natuarl tendencies of his that could make a business more successful. I came up with ten:

  1. He is doesn’t jump in blindly. He observes, he tries incremental advances and usually, eventally gets what he is going after.
  2. He is not afraid to try new things. Benjamin Franklin once said, “The mand who does things makes mistakes, but he never makes the biggest mistake of all–doing nothing.”
  3. He knows when to ask for help. Knowing when to ask for help is often the differnce between sinking and swimming.
  4. He knows how to ask for help. He actually has a different way of asking depending on the individual he is seeking help from.
  5. He has a clear understanding of the things he wants.
  6. He does not lose sight of his vision.
  7. If you tell him he cannot do something, he is still going to try to find a way.
  8. If he fails the first time, and its something that he really wants, he will try it again and again until the deterrent outweighs the benefit.
  9. He knows that even if the person he has engaged has no interest in what he is doing, it is better just to have them around. Sometimes, we as humans just need to know that someone else is out there simply recognizing that we exist.
  10. He knows that telling a story about what happened is as exciting as experiencing it, and will probably get people interested in watching it next time.

Pretty smart little guy, if I may say so.

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