2020 Most Creative People in Business

creative people in business

Fast Company magazine recently released a list of 74 individuals who all have one thing in common: “Their unique and unprecedented efforts over the past year have already led toward meaningful change, within their sectors and beyond.”  Each of those people was placed in one of the following 14 categories:

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Coaching Employees Towards Their Strengths

Employee Coaching

Coaching Employees Towards Their Strengths in a Post-Pandemic World There is an interesting dichotomy within the business world. Every senior management team wants their employees to be top performers, and yet so many companies are not investing in talent development programs to make that happen. CEOs who recognize that an investment in their staff is an investment in the company’s long-term success, generally become a more competitive force within the marketplace.

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Power of Employee Personal Branding

employee personal branding

Utilizing the Power of Employee Personal Branding and How to Measure It Branding is no longer confined merely to organizations.  It has become a personal way to showcase your personality and ideas online.  Personal networks have power when followers become a tribe. Companies recognize that each of their employees probably has a Facebook account and depending on their industry, a LinkedIn account…not to mention the other social media sites like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. So, it stands to reason that each employee could have a tribe of followers that could be influenced by company-focused information if the employee shares it with their unique perspective and in their unique way.

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