Aepiphanni Small Business Consulting

Aepiphanni Small Business Consulting

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Aepiphanni Small Business Consulting

Building a company is difficult.
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Small Business Consultants are Management Consultants or external advisors that primarily work with small business owners to help them improve their businesses.

Business owners have hired us to provide direction in areas such as Operations Improvement, Strategic Planning, or Process Engineering. Small business consultants provide their clients with years of expert experience at a cost lower than that of a full-time resource.

Business Operations Improvement

Business Operations Improvement is the practice of making a company simply run better.  As companies go through different stages of growth, business operations become more complex and require the company to change to meet the new requirements.

Areas of focus might include:

  • Implementing or improving the results of sales and marketing programs
  • Improving productivity and increasing output
  • Adding staff and contractor positions to meet operational requirements
  • Implementing or enhancing financial management

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation happens when a company integrates digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally improving how the business operates and how it delivers value to its customers.

  • Implement solutions aligned with the way your company operates and track performance
  • Automate sales and marketing management
  • Access custom Executive dashboards to keep your finger on the pulse of your business

Business Growth Consulting

Successful companies include strategic planning that sets the path for short, mid and long term measurable goals and a method for tracking progress.

Benefits of strategic business growth planning include.

  • Clear direction for all stakeholders
  • Allows measurable tracking of progress
  • Encourages efficient resource utilization
  • Helps identify opportunities to gain strategic advantage

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