“Give me a lever and a place to stand, I can move the Earth” – Archimedes
Justifying paying for business consulting is a very difficult one, since, in most cases, you don’t always know what you are paying for. If you buy a meal from a restaurant, you are going to get that meal. If you purchase a book…you are going to get a book.

When you purchase consulting services, you are paying for a specific outcome for your business. You want to achieve some higher level of existence, which might look like a more organized company, one that is positioned to take on larger and more complicated markets or one that is looking to buy up some of its competitors, suppliers or clients.

It only seems fair that if we are as good as we say we are, we should stand behind your ability to achieve those goals. We should be held to the wire.

At Aepiphanni, this is how we work with all of our clients so that they can clearly see their return on investment:

  • Getting Started: Initial consultations are free.
  • Fees: We bill on an agreed upon retainer and finance the rest
  • Engagement: You can expect change within the first 90 days, with implementation and support services thereafter.
  • Guarantee of Work: We do what we propose to do or you pay nothing extra.
  • Implementation: Our solutions follow through to fruition
  • Part Equity Deals: We are open to discussing non-monetary exchanges
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