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Business Consulting, Solution Implementation and Managed Services for Growing Companies. Build something Extraordinary.

The Anatomy of a Aepiphanni

“Give me a lever and a place to stand, I can move the Earth” – Archimedes

Aepiphanni Business Consulting is an Atlanta, GA-based Business Growth Consulting firm that has worked with business leaders and entrepreneurs across the country for nearly 15 years.

We provide advisory, consulting and operations support services to small, growing and established businesses to define and leverage strategic advantages, build solid infrastructures, identify and overcome obstacles to growth and implement solutions. Our mission is to help business leaders and entrepreneurs CREATE | DESIGN | BUILD extraordinary businesses.

Strive for Extraordinary

How we are different:

While we work with business owners in a number of operational and strategic areas, the underlying premise is to build companies that are “extraordinary.” Business leaders of these companies are visionary – seeking to develop solutions that are bigger than themselves and their businesses.

We believe that every business should strive to be extraordinary. We recognize that businesses that don’t stand out from the crowd get consumed by the market.

Who we Serve:

The companies we work with are typically more than three years old with up to 100 employees or $50M in revenue, to help them operate effectively, plan for and navigate through strategic growth. Business leaders are those who are looking for solutions to overcome challenges that keep them from growing or expanding their businesses.

Given our vast experience with consumer and professional service industries, we have committed our resources to provide operational support to businesses that sell «the intangible» – those things that are difficult to convey value and differentiation on its own.

Working with us:

Starting an engagement with us is simple, low risk and straightforward.
  • Most clients begin with a Coffee and a Consult - an introductory meeting
  • A discovery meeting during which we will gather more information about your company and determine how we might best go about providing a solution and potential outcomes
  • Paperwork- with the approval of the process and solution, we will proceed with finalization of agreements
  • Onboarding - you will gain access to the client workspace and training on how to use it
  • Project build - our project development process will ensure that all parties are aware of and in agreement with how we will proceed on the project
  • Project kickoff - with all components in place, we will begin the engagement
  • Periodic check-ins - just checking to see how we are doing
  • Project end - with all the steps in the engagement completed, we will review how the project went and what next steps might look like
Start with a Coffee & a Consult

Our process:

In order to provide your firm with the highest level of service, we take all of our clients through a collaborative process that supports the development of strategic and innovative approaches to identifying and solving business issues. Beginning with an internal and external audit of the environment, followed by a collaborative problem and solution development series, testing, planning and implementation, we can often provide our clients with differentiating, sustainable solutions that will provide a platform for both sustainability and growth.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to be the firm that our clients need for us to be, which requires that we are transparent in our dealings, open in our communications and straightforward with our recommendations. At Aepiphanni, our purpose is to help business leaders build extraordinary companies . This is woven into the very fabric of what we do. If you seek to DESIGN | CREATE | BUILD an extraordinary company, we are here to serve you.