2008 Olympics Exploited!!

$1 Billion dollars in advertising revenue and a great big smile. You would have thought he’d won all of the gold medals at the 2008 Olympics. Nope! In 14 days, a major broadcaster will have received$1 Billion in revenue as proceeds from ads run at the Olympics. This made front page news. Something is wrong here.

The Olympics is about community and peace. Not Capitalism and exploitation.

Think about the Olympics and what it means, the work athletes do to get there, the commitment and cost to the host nation and the advances throughout the world that Olympics and the spirit of the Olympics has brought many countries. Contrast that with one major network having exclusive rights to broadcast the major events on television and the internet. Think about the fact that you cannot watch the major events on the internet. You can, however, buy videos.

Don’t get me wrong – there are 3,000+ videos available online. If you are missing them, you can go to nbcolympics.com and take a look. Most likely, you won’t see major categories for major awards, though. Thus, my rant!

The Olympics belongs to everyone. It should be shared with everyone. We all won golds with Michael Phelps. We were nervous with Shawn Johnson. We were amazed with the Chinese diving team. We won and lost with our athletes.

While living in a Capitalist society has its many benefits, I think that very clear lines must be drawn. The Olympics is about Community, not Capitalism. It is about Communities from all over the Earth coming together on a World front to compete. Crossing the line comes when the Olympics becomes about money from the position of creating exclusivity – keeping people who cannot pay for it from seeing it. When I hear about companies exploiting it for their own gain, it hurts me. When I see people beaming about the money they’ve made as a result of the Olympics, as though they’d won a gold medal, I am disgusted.

What I would like to see is many people benefiting from the broadcast of the Olympics. I’d like to be able to see any Olympic videos, free of charge, on the internet. Stick some commercials in there…who cards! I’m not talking about highlights or events no one is watching, or commentaries on specific events, but all of it. Sell come commemorative video collections on the side. People will buy them. Maintain relationships with Chinese businesses. Companies will have gained so much more by demonstrating that they are about the world progress, and not just their own.

As business owners, we have the responsibility to serve the communities we live in. We cannot expect to rape all of its resources and move on. It cannot last forever. If you think otherwise, you are only building paper dragons.

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